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Privacy policy


Policy regarding protection of privacy and personal information

This website provides safe transaction and services, completely respecting and protecting the individual privacy of users on this website.
To confirm any transaction service and to provide you with information from this website, we shall request your personal information, including name and surname, ID number, telephone and fax number, e-mail address, address, etc.

Policy regarding collection and use of personal information

  1. The information you enter on this website shall only be used to transaction related operations, electronic newsletters or physically mailed advertisement detailing activities, events and promotions.
  2. The personal data collected on this website will never be sold, exchanged, or leased to other groups or individuals, or for any purpose other than those described above, without your consent.
  3. In order to provide other services or benefits, this website may needs to share user information with the third party providing the service or offer (when the activities or special offers are launched in conjunction with other companies), and sufficient explanation will be provided during the event, where you are free to choose whether to accept this particular service or offer.

Cookies policy

Cookies are used to by servers to distinguish user preferences, through the browser software writing some short codes onto the user’s hard drive. You can select and modify the degree of acceptance by your browser for cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you will not be able to access certain customized services or participate in some of the events listed on the website.

In order to provide further convenience and accuracy of the information entered by the user, as well as to provide better services, the information fields will use cookies to store information you have previously entered, but they will not store your name, e-mail address or other similar personal information.

Rights to revise privacy protection clauses

Appropriate changes will be made the privacy protection clauses for this website in response to technological development trends, revisions to relevant regulations, or other environmental changes, in order to implement the protection of user privacy. The revised terms will be adjusted at any time and will be posted on this website immediately.

Receiving suspected fraudulent telephone calls

Green World Hotels will not contact you for any reason and ask you to change your method of payment or to carry out any operation at an ATM. If you receive such a call, do not provide any personal financial information, and call the National Police Agency’s anti-fraud hotline 165 or visit their anti-fraud website as soon as possible