Dear guests

In order to prevent fraud perpetrator from committing new forms of digital fraud, we remind travelers to be alert and cautious against these crimes!

When you have completed a transaction using the online system, Green World Hotels will not contact you via the phone to use an ATM to cancel, change method of payment or to make up the amount by citing errors in internet payment settings and other similar reasons. Green World Hotels will also not request your personal, credit card account and bank related information on the phone.

Please be highly alert and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. If you receive a phone call or text message from an unknown or suspicious number making the requests in above paragraph, do not do so, and please contact Green World Hotels for verification, or contact the police as soon as possible via the National police agency’s anti-fraud hotline 165 or their anti-fraud website.

Green World Hotels would like to remind you of 3 don’ts to prevent fraud:

  1. Don’t cooperate and carry out any ATM operationsFraud perpetrators will ask you to head to an ATM and change the user interface to English in order to trick you into making a transfer. Please be aware that ATMs has no functions with regards to refunds, cancelling instalment payments, etc. Green World Hotels will not make any changes to order that already has been paid for, or give you instructions to operate an ATM.
  2. Don’t give out personal information, bank account or credit card informationGreen World Hotels will not ask you to provide bank account or credit card information on the phone, nor will we contact you using questionnaires or prize draw as justification to give out your personal information or request a bank transfer.
  3. Don’t return calls from suspicious numbersFraud perpetrators will tamper with telecommunication data, change caller ID or send text messages. If you receive suspicious telephone calls or text message, please verify with Green World Hotels or call the 165 anti-fraud hotline to keep yourself safe.


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